This Year Goals - 2019

Whenever a year begins, I try to get a little specific on my goals. From qualitative areas such as knowledge and happiness to more abstract ones such as career and personal development.

Well, last year was weird

The first thing I have to do is to assess the failures and successes of the previous year. I have categorized my 2018 goal-tracking system by: “Achieved”, “Tried” and “Didn’t even tried”. This allows me to know how lazy reluctant I am toward specific tasks and get to know myself. Let’s begin.


Okay, so the last year I probably achieved major progress on my personal and professional life-goals. A listing would be clearer:


May my intentions of going to the gym, learn french, learn russian, finally understand calculus and getting back to playing piano rest in peace, I tried but oh captain, my captain, forgive me for I am lazy as a frog.

Not even tried

First of all, judging me based on goals I was lazy enough to don’t even try at all makes you a very rude person. Said that, follow me through my biggest failures:

Checkpoint, keep working

So now you probably understand a little bit of myself: I am a normal being with simple goals. Even with my daily routine, I should be able to complete all of my goals if I really put the work into.

So, I will be coming back to this post in December, and look at how well I performed.

And here they are

My goals, for this 2019 are:


Each year this list keeps me up from doing stupid stuff. As you can see, I’ve made my list a little simpler this year, and the reason behind is that I actually want to accomplish all of this. For real. So I will try. Maybe I will fail, but at least I will try, that’s all that matters.

If you feel like something’s missing, you’d like to discuss this article or got any comments and/or feedback, you can find me on Twitter as @humbertowoody.