My name is Humberto. I am a co-founder of FetchBug and Valu, software engineer, roller coaster enthusiast and pianist. In the past I’ve written about software, work, mental health, entrepeneurship, computer networking and some jokes on my Twitter feed, but now I prefer longer, proofreaded, able to be edited, prose elements that live in this blog.

In here, you can read my general opinions alongside tutorials, simple code snippets and universal technology-related stuff where I have found myself interested. I’ve decided that there’s no way of becoming a better human being than learning to communicate effectively and I hope for this blog to be the arena where I can test myself upon this matter in search of self improvement.

Most of the things you’ll find in here are constantly revisited to better express my expanding, ever-changing, world-view. You can use the RSS feed to track changes, however if a major change is done, a new post with the updated information will be created. I encourage you to differ with me and challenge my conclusions, that’s what this is all about.

I am passionate about making a positive impact in the world and strive to continuously improve myself and help others.

Find me on the interwebs

You can find me almost anywhere as humbertowoody. No kidding, I go by that nickname from the Twitter side of the web, all the way to things like GitHub, Instagram and even this blog itself! However if by any chance you need my LinkedIn, Facebook and other socially-correct(able) sites, my super serious, not-so-boring, nickname is humalcocer.

I am still in love with standard email and, if that’s your thing too, you can write me at hello@humbertowoody.xyz. Please, do not use my mail for captive portals in public airports or coffeeshops, that joke is old and it makes your poop become green, which may be unfortunate if you don’t like your poop being green.


For the most part, I’ve been a freelance developer since the age of 13, working on web developement, administrative platforms, mobile and custom software for many different clients, although I’ve also had the chance of architecting, deploying and mantaining networks in various environments such as hackathons, coworks and dynamic laboratories, nowadays I am mostly invested in data-driven solutions to aid people and businesses in critical decissions such as housing, automobile and financial opportunities which is why, in 2019, some friends and I founded FetchBug with a Data as a Service model that enabled us to create Valu and some other products. In FetchBug, I currently work as chief technology officer, choosing appropriate languages, tools and strategies where needed. Most of my days are spent chasing sneaky bugs, googling, asking questions and, finally, writing code or deploying some Docker containers. I’ve attended, participated, coached and organized various events, hackathons, meetups and learning clubs. I am currently a student of computational engineering in the National Polythecnic Institute here in Mexico; graduation date is pending but not abandoned! For the past 10 years I’ve been a roller coaster nerd and theme park enthusiast with a personal collection of 900 hours+ of POV videos of rides around the world, at the same time I started my piano education which I hope to resume soon.


Humberto is a co-founder of FetchBug and Valu, a software engineer, and a passionate advocate for data-driven solutions that help people make better decisions. He enjoys attending hackathons, meet-ups, and events, and has been sharing his knowledge and creating software learning clubs since 2014. With a focus on improving the impact and adoption of web technology, he’s written numerous blogs and tutorials on programming and networking. Humberto is currently pursuing a degree in computational engineering and spends most of his days chasing bugs, writing code, and deploying Docker containers. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and exploring roller coasters around the world.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent FetchBug, Valu or my employer’s view in any way. Reader discretion is advised.