Error detection is one of the key principles in communication. Whenever an error is detected, the communication become flawed and the integrity of the message is compromised. The checksum algorithm allow communication between computers to be performed with the integrity required for the data to be delivered from one point to another on a network.

The pcap library is one of the most famous and used network packet sniffing tool around the world. libpcap is the underlying library running under the famous tcpdump program which is a powerful network diagnosis tool.

My 2018

2018 was a great year. It had some details but mostly it was a total opportunity for learning and understanding a bunch of different things. There was a lot of moments during the year, some of them were happy, some of them were sad. Most importantly, I grew as a person and as an individual, my understanding of the world got new (and great) upgrades, and maybe we all should feel glad we managed to trip around the sun once again. Life is good.

How do we deliver secure, fast, beautiful and meaningful applications means sacrificing the time to market? It is one of my personal every-day complications. Is there a magic formula? Maybe the answer is simple as: don’t overthink it.

We all know Wi-Fi. It’s the primary way we all access the interwebs nowadays and probably one of the most hidden treasures for data analytics. Are we aware of how our information travels through the internet? Misunderstanding the scope of the networks involved in “securely” transmitting our information through wires and magnetic fields can lead us to think Google, Microsoft and Facebook are the only ones pulling in the benefits of tons of data being harvested by complicated algorithms and top-tier spionage. Prepare yourself, today, you will learn.