Writing an interactive Maze generator is a task that helps to illustrate various computer science concepts in a simple way. This is a C implementation based of one school project I did a while ago.

Join me with a Python-based project that helps visualize parabolic trajectories with user-defined impact points and maximum heights. We’ll talk about the underlying math, parametric equations, and visualization techniques to enhance your understanding of parabolic motion.

As my final project for my Computer Networks subject at ESCOM I wrote a simple packet sniffer in C, it was a fun little project and this is my documentation about it.

It’s always useful to be able to manage things from the terminal, for some of us it’s even a thing about comfort. I used ChatGPT to generate a simple set of alias functions to work as CLI for Apple Music.

Planting trees is a simple and effective way to combat climate change, but it’s important to understand the environmental benefits of doing so. Let’s try to explore how to calculate the amount of CO2 compensated and the amount of water required to grow a tree over a 30-year period. How hard could it be?