Hello there ! 👀

My name is Humberto, and I am a Software Engineer based in Mexico City with experience in writing back-end infrastructure with Python, NodeJS, PHP and Java. Front-end experiences with React and Angular and de-facto background with the ginormous beautiful JavaScript’s ecosystem. Experience in DevOps with CI, CD and Architecture in AWS, GCP and DigitalOcean. In love with Docker, OSS and, most importantly, with acquiring, improving, and sharing knowledge. An Agile dev with maybe too-many containers lying around.

Life has taken me to various paths as Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, Hackathon Planner, Maker, Meetup Facilitator and many other tech-related opportunities which, in the end, add up to profound excitement about technology and how it can achieve impact on our society.

Among other stuff, I am a classical piano interpreter and a stand-up comedy tryout. I’ve built a lot of things but there’s nothing more appealing than great problems and puzzles to solve.

If you’d like to know more about me, or discuss projects, or grab a beer 🍻, you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile, follow me on twitter (or any social network under @humbertowoody) or hit my email: hello@humbertowoody.xyz, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you 🎉.

Humberto Alejandro Ortega Alcocer