How do we deliver secure, fast, beautiful and meaningful applications means sacrificing the time to market? It is one of my personal every-day complications. Is there a magic formula? Maybe the answer is simple as: don’t overthink it.

We often make decisions based on short-term requirements or close deadlines with the idea to fix them on the long-term, without acknowledging the problems we are creating by doing so.

We focus on the complicated things about our profession and forget about the basic stuff that’s indirectly causing problems on our daily lifes.

Is there an actual reason you are typing the way you are typing?

Do you type correctly? Or do you think you’re typing correctly?

The simplicity comes at a price. The actual state of development frameworks is a confusing layer to newcomers and the problem is that they aren’t necessary, but they’ve become the angular stone of nowadays dev teams.

I worked in a Fablab and it was one of the most meaningful experiences in my life, some things worked, some others didn’t, but being in a hackerspace definitely changed my perspective on technology.